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Mural completed with students from Ennis VTOS programme
at Co. Clare VEC's Adult & Community Education Centre, 2001

Sheeaun, Kilmaley, Ennis, Co.Clare, Ireland. Email contact
Telephone: (065) 6839383 (International: +353 65 6839383) Mobile: (086) 8074125 (International: +353 86 8074125)
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This project was carried out as a work expeience project in 2001,
with students from the Ennis VTOS programme.
The theme was the work of the Adult & Community Education Centre.
I devised the overall layout and colour scheme beforehand,
but each student had the opportunity to create their own imagery
for parts of their own allotted section of the design.

The principle colours used move through the spectrum from red to violet,
working from the right-hand end to the left-hand end of the mural.
The pens and pencils at the right hand-end focus the attention of the viewer
as he or she approaches from the corridor.

Sketch for design of mural
Article from Irish Examiner